More than just a showroom


beds, dining tables & chairs, consoles

At CCco, we provide a range of stunning furniture, perfect for any type of home. Our showroom features different types of furniture from beds to dining tables, but we have the ability to source various items for the clients needs and at their request. 


chandeliers, lamps, bubble lights

Our fabulous lighting range is displayed within our various showroom settings. From small to large chandeliers to detailed and stylish lamps, we choose only the beautiful and the best, giving clients a chance to see a range of unique lighting.

Gifts & Home Accessories

candles, mirrors, wall art, dining ware

At CCco, we offer a range of unique gifts and a plethora of fantastic home accessories you'll find nowhere else! From storm lanterns, and vintage board games, to stunning glasses and tableware, we showcase accessories like no other!

Cushions & Throws

sequin, velvet, crushed velvet

We pride ourselves in having a variety of cushions, ranging from designer to bespoke handmade. Our handmade cushions are sewed delicately & precisely in the most beautiful fabrics around, as well as selling stunning throws to compliment them perfectly.


Flowers & Arrangements

peonies, roses, hydrangeas

At CCco, we offer a range of stunning faux flowers, displayed in our own flower stand, ready for clients to pick and create their own arrangement. We also offer pre-made flower arragements created by our designers to suit the request of the client. 

Fabrics & Wallpaper

cole & son, designers guild, etc

We offer a range of fantastic fabrics from various companies and designers. We provide and use high quality fabric, treating every individual item with precision and care, as well as stocking unusual wallpapers that you won't find anywhere else.